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By | October 25, 2017

Download REET-2015 English Question Papers with Answers: Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education has conducted REET 2015 to recruit 15000 teachers for Class 1st to 8th. Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers is the qualifying criteria for the Govt teachers in Primary and Upper Primary classes. Every year Government of Rajasthan sanctioned teachers vacancies (Grade-III, Grade-II). This year around 25000 3rd-grade teachers vacancy (District Wise/ Subject Wise) is going to be recruited. The candidate must have valid score card RTET 2011, RTET 2012, RTET 2015, RTET 2017.

Preparation for REET is not an easy task because of the lengthy syllabus. The exam pattern for REET 2017 Level-I has five sections (Child Development and Pedagogy, Language-I, Language-II, Maths and Environment Studies. Total 150 questions are asked in REET exam.

Here we are providing the complete English Paper asked in REET 2015. The Level-I English  Paper-I and II is given below.

Section 2
Language-1 (English)

1. Proper speech habit can be developed effectively through
a) vocabulary practice
b) Quizzes
c) Dictation
d) Pronunciation

2. language skill can be learned better
a) if they are taught in an integrated manner
b) with the help of challenging drill
c) through written test and practices
d) if taught in isolation

3. A video is
a) an audio add
b) I visual aid
c) and audio-video AD
d) none of the above

4. audiovisual AIDS make learning
a) Easy
b) Interesting
c) Effective
d) all of the above

unit test is an expression of_______ evaluation
a) Normative
b) Effective
c) Formative
d) Cognitive

proficiency test include
a) Speaking
b) Reading
c) Writing
d) speaking and writing

communicative competence test take into account
a) grammatical accuracy
b) situation appropriateness
c) Fluency
d) all of the above

in objective type questions_____ choice is provided
a) Limited
b) Meaning
c) Multiple
d) None

the basic requirement of a language proficiency test is that it must be
a) Complex
b) Reliable
c) Ambiguous
d) Simple

Passage( question number 40 to 44)
The Kingfisher is a bird that gets its name because it truly is a king among the fish catching Birds. in catching fish it’s it on the name of a tree that hangs over ice cream, looking into the water beneath. Then, as its sides a fish, it drops like a stone into the water. seconds later it pops up with the fees in its bill. in addition to the fish, it eats worms, crabs, and selfish. it is found mostly near the freshwater stream of Europe and North America. the Kingfisher cry is still and piercing. the North American Kingfisher, call the Belted Kingfisher, because of a belt of blue feathers across its white breast, is larger than the European variety. the European Kingfisher is the beautiful bird. its feathers are bright blue, orange, deep red, pink and green.

Question. find out the word from the text which means “branch”.
a) Bill
b) Limb
c) Shrill
d) pops up

the opposite of “ polluted” is
a) Fresh
b) Belted
c) Piercing
d) Bright

which of the world is correctly spelled?
a) Enthusiastic
b) Enthusastic
c) Enthuesestic
d) Enthusestic

find out the word from the text which means ”a small current of water”
a) Stream
b) Pops
c) Shrill
d) Drops

Passage ( question 45 to 49)
Animals may become extinct in many ways. First of all they may evolve into another species and not really die out of all. for example, through time, many early forms of forces and human beings have progressively changed by evolution into new species. the old species have changed and not really die out, so this is called pseudoextinction.
the second common way, in which animal has died out, is for a single species to disappear because of some local disturbance. many animals that have very special diet, for example, could die out very easily if their source of food goes down. it is thought that certain species of the dinosaur were adapted to eating particular kinds of reedy plants. when these disappeared, those particular species of Dinosaurs starved and died out.

the word “ extinct” and “ particular” are
a) Adjectives
b) Adverbs
c) Noun
d) Verbs

which of the following phrases has determiners in it?
a) for example
b) the old species
c) local disturbance
d) starved and died out

The verb in the sentence “ the old species have changed and not really died out” is in?
a) simple present
b) simple past
c) present perfect
d) past perfect

which of the following has the three degree of the adjective in their correct form?
a) Early- earlier- earliest
b) hot- more hot- hottest
c) easy- more easy- most easy
a) Special- specialer- specialist

the verb in the sentence “ it is thought that certain species……” is in
a) simple past
b) simple present
c) present progressive
d) none of the above

which question is correct in its structure?
a) how did she completes the task?
b) how she completed the task?
c) how did she complete the task?
d) how she did complete the task?

“ I know him” the passive voice from the sentence will be
a) he is known by me
b) he knows me
c) he is known by me
d) none of the above

which of the following contains the word beginning with the same consonant sound?
a) Charm- choice
b) Church- chemistry
c) cheap- keep
d) ship- chip

which of the following contains the same vowel sound?
a) kid- beat- tight
b) deep-keep- sweep
c) find- seat- kite
d) feed- fine- mean

choose the correct phonetic symbol for the medial sound of the word “ machine”
a) /s/
b) /dz/
c) /f/
d) /t/

the basic language skills are
a) listening, speaking, reading, translation
b) speaking, talking, answering, expressing
c) Reading, writing, questioning, communicating
d) none of the above

language learning is related to
a) Knowledge
b) Skill
c) Power
d) Copying

the bilingual method was suggested by
a) Dotson
b) Smith
c) Herbert
d) Redson

the grammar-translation method emphasizes
a) oral fluency
b) common over switch
c) use of mother tongue
d) listening and speaking

structure and pattern are used as a teaching unit in
a) direct method
b) structural method
c) grammar and translation method
d) project method

the productive skills of a language are
a) listening and writing
b) reading and writing
c) speaking and listening
d) speaking and writing

Section 3 (English Paper-II)

which of these is not a cause of disorder?
a) socioeconomic, emotional, environmental and educational courses
b) excessive use of toffees, chocolates, and fast food
c) poor model
d) repression and Over Control by parents and teachers

which of these is the goal of the communicative approach
a) Appropriateness
b) acceptable languages
c) Fluency
d) all of the above

in present Era, English language teaching is facing
a) Over emphasizes on grammar
b) lack of language laboratory
c) teaching through translation
d) all of the above

unit test is an expression of_______ evaluation.
a) Normative
b) Formative
c) Effective
d) Affective

a highly reliable test is
a) objective type
b) essay type
c) true and false
d) none of the above

who has suggested 4 steps of teaching as planning, organizing, leading and evaluation
a) JK device
b) Bloom
c) Billows
d) Simpson

which of these is the strategy of remedial teaching?
a) action research
b) Programed test
c) both a and b
d) none of the above

the aim of remedial teaching is
a) to diagnose learning difficulties
b) to eliminate ineffective habits
c) we teach iincorrectly learn skills
d) both B and C

Passage (question 69 to 73)
There is no shortcut to success. the route to success is hard and long. consistent hard work is the main secret of success. those who sang work and bound to pain. the second integrants of success is perseverance if the steadfast pursuit of a name without any let up or hindrance. there may be difficulties, obstacles, hurdles and barriers in your path, but you don’t have to get discouraged, this hearted and frightened. you have to push on with fortitude. temptations of comfort and enjoyment have to be brushed aside.
another important and indispensable requirement for success is concentration. all your attention and energy should be reverted to your aim in life. you should not be able to think of anything except your goal. No decorations and deviations.

in the paragraph the word “ second” indicates
a) Sequence
b) Addition
c) Emphasis
d) Time

which of the following is the most appropriate title of the passage?
a) aim of life
b) hardwork and success
c) shortcut of success
d) the secret of success

hard hard work____ in the success
a) Result
b) Results
c) Resulted
d) None

in the verve passage, the author wants to convey
a) success is a result of hard
b) reservation is essential for success
c) to get success get rid of all obstacles
d) all of the above

people do hard work
hard work is essential for success
so people are hardworking
all lines contain
a) the fallacy of hasty generalization
b) the fallacy of false analogy
c) the fallacy of equivocation
d) the fallacy of composed

Poetry ( question number 74 to 78)

the seed I spent or song is where
Is the land his and none of mine?
we speak like strangers there is no sign
of understanding in the air
this child is build to be my design
at what he loves I cannot share

the silence around us. I would have
hymn prodigal, returning to
his father’s house, the home he knows
rather than see him make me move
his world, I would forgive him to
shipping from sorrow a new love

Extract: 3
a) father and son, we both must live
b) on the same globe and the same land
c) he speaks: I cannot understand
d) Myself, why anger grows from grief
e) we each put out an Empty hand
f) longing for something to forgive

a) A b b a a b
b) A b b c d e
c) A b c d e f
d) A b b a b a

Line “ silence around us I would have” contains
a) alliterations
b) Assonance
c) Smile
d) Personification

in the above poem which line contains smile?
a) only Line 3
b) only line 5
c) both Line 3 and 5
d) none of the above

which line in extract to contains” assonance”?
a) 9, 10 ,11,
b) 7, 11, 12
c) 7, 9, 10, 12
d) All of the above

which line match in rhythm in extract 3
a) 14, 15, 17
b) 13, 14, 18
c) 13, 15, 17, 18
d) 14, 15, 16

everyone____ follow the traffic rule
a) can
c) may
c) Could
d) Must

terrorist are trying to____ several bridges
a) blow up
b) Breakdown
c) Fallout
d) none of the above

the dramatic monologue, a technique of drama, is a
a) dialogue with self buy the character
b) it is for the audience
c) it expresses mind and innermost feeling of the character On the stage
d) all of the above

the English Sonnet has
a) 3 quatrains and a couplet
b) 2 quadrants and a couple at
c) four quadrant Sainik update
d) none of the above

the elegy is
a) mourning or or or lamentation poem
b) It formal and sustained poem
c) It is Judged by its theme or subject matter why not by its meter or stanza form
d) None of the above

Which of these is a constituent of communicative competence?
a) grammatical competence
a) strategic and socio-Linguistic competence
a) discourse competence
a) all of the above

delayed language development is called
a) Deficiency
b) aphasia

c) Dumbness
d) handicap

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